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i never want to drink again...
and call michelle.
a new journal is coming
chronicling my new york journey
NYU is so amazing. Unlimited opportunity and a new beginning.
I am, however, waiting for my world to crash on Tuesday... When my heart breaks.
"...and you already know how it will end."
what should have been a happy moment (finding out wher I'm going to be living), was overshadowed by a bad moment. 

miles-- I'm gonna be living at Third Ave. North, by Union Square. So, you know you're gonna see me. lol
~"Hermione... I hate your cat."
~"Everyone, this is Looney.... I mean Luna Lovegood."
chicks [and dudes] dig a college guy with a dog. 

+ Terrence
+ Hayden Hall
+ Alan and Lyndsey aka the best UOLS ever.
+ French language [placed out of three semesters : )]
+ walk in the park
+ trainwreck
+ Magnolia cupcakes : )
+"The only thing faker than my tan is my enthusism"
+ diversity workshop... holding hands
+ "DERMOT!!"
+ coffeepot aka the diriest game..ever
+ getting hit on by a gay guy
+ maneaters
+ "gay by may"
+ "NYU. When Columbia luahgs in your face"
+ "Neil Young's kid... just stand up... I wanna hang out."
+ "majoring in getting dressed in the morning."
+ " majoring in the thingliness of things."
+ " you may be rich one day, but you can never buy back your soul."
+ being offered drugs in Washington Square.
+ the awkward turtle
+ the REALLY awkward turtle
+ Ba DAMN!
+ true,false....true!
+"we, are the men in white shirts."
+ sexile
+ registered for classes (french 4, literay theory, writing the essay,
+  Union Square
+ Palladium dorm is right by an American Eagle : )
+ "make me an admin you bitch."
+ check out
+ 15 floors
+  lots of NYU apparel

1. I started eating mixed berry yogurt after I found out it was a favorite of a TV show character
2. I have a profile (as a teacher) on ratemyteacher.com, and someone said I "made them feel special" (none of you whores saying ANYTHING about the comment).
3. I have more pictures of myself than I do of my friends
4.  Anderson Cooper is my role model.

"It has to be official. And it HAS to be urine."